One of‘s guest bloggers, Amma took a trip to Dubai and has decided to share with us Five interesting things about Dubai.

Traveling is one of the things I love to do. Just going away and discovering a new set of people, who live, think and act differently from how you know it, simply fascinates me. Africa is one of the places I want to explore the most because; our culture is so rich, diverse and beautiful. I was however opportune this December to visit Dubai on a 7 days multi-city trip.

Dubai is one of the cities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A person from the UAE is called an Emirati. Now before i get into the interesting facts; Dubai is the most popular amongst the 7 Emirates cities in the Arabian peninsula nation of UAE. Abu Dhabi is capital of the UAE.

1. Dubai is the definition of man-made Opulence.

Dubai is a very “artificially beautiful city”. Everything in Dubai is man-made with the most advanced Technology. The city is a very oil rich one, which has Tourism as one of its largest GDP elements. The city is a Peninsula but largely a desert area. Dubai has its streets lined with gigantic buildings, hotels, amusement parks, flashy blingy everything!! . Lets just say its a fantasy city brought into real life.

2. Foreigners Abode.

Now one thing i found extremely interesting about Dubai is the fact that; there are more foreigners than local indigenes. 5 out of every 6 persons in the city are foreigners. This means the city has more foreigners than locals making up its population. The locals make only about 20% or less of the entire Dubai population. The population is estimated at 1.3 million. And out of that: there are about 900000 Asians, particularly the Indians and Bangladesh. and about 200000 emiratis. The rest comprises of Europeans and Africans.

3. License plate Craze. 

Need Me one Rolls Royce In Dubai, the number of digits on your car’s license plate signifies your wealth. The standard number plate is 5 digits. customising your number plate can cost you sometimes more than twenty times the cost of the car. If you go below the five digits; you pay a high price for that. A man customised his car with a 3 digits number plate and it cost him a whooping $2 million dollars. (Ghc 10,000,000 for better comprehension lol). Hence rich men display their wealth by buying luxurious license plate.

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4. Born an Emirati or Not!!!

Dubai with its whole advancement is one of the most complex place on earth. On one hand they are very welcoming to the extent that foreigners from majority of its workforce. On the other hand, the government ensures that there is nothing like Permanent residency or even Neutralization or Citizenship through Marriage. In fact the chances of finding an Emirati married to a foreigner is next to zero. There is a government measure and systems in place that give newly married Emirati couple some huge amount of money. The huge lump sum is a way of ensuring intra marriages only. This means you are either born an Emirati or not!!!

5. Don’t Cross the Line!!!

The blend of religion, tradition, contemporary lifestyle and Modernism; is a very confusing one in Dubai. There is so much rules, at the same time, so much freedom. Buying alcohol for instance is criminal, yet still the hotels stock alcohol. One interesting phenomenon is the fact men and women sit separately on the metro, bus or train. It is a crime punishable by their laws and one that attracts a fine for a man to be seen sitting in the female cabin, and vice versa. Occasionally tourist like myself are spared the fine due to ignorance. But if you intend to live in Dubai for a while, Don’t Cross the line literally.


There is so much to say about Dubai and i will definitely come back with a Part 2 of the interesting facts but for now, enjoy my vacation photos.


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