There comes a time in a person’s life where you just have to put away everything that needs to be done and take that needed vacation. In Ghana, one place I would recommend for you is Escape 3 Point. Escape 3 Point is a serene Eco lodge located on the beach of Cape Three point in the western region of Ghana.

Escape 3 Point is built along the beach, nestled between two rivers that flow to the sea and surrounded by green covered hills. The lodge is surrounded by mango, orange, lime, neem, coconut, banana, plantain, oil palm, and various flowers. Escape 3 Point is a paradise where nature is at hand and also a site of ecological initiatives and experiences. It is a place built to have a positive outcome for the community of Cape Three Points; to help conserve aquatic life as well as protect the last remaining coastal forest in Ghana.

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The Experience

I spent two nights in Escape and I totally loved every single second I spent there. My trip to escape, I must confess; was not a pleasant one (Probably because I used public transport). The most annoying was waiting for over two hours for a 15 seat bus to be full before taking off. Nonetheless the great experience at Escape 3 Point actually made me forget the hustle I went through to get there.

Upon arrival I quickly checked in at my Eco suite which I had reserved by phone. I dropped my luggage and took a stroll on the golden beach. Feeling the green refreshing air of forest reserve was amazing.It was already sunset and I went for dinner, OMG! I loved that yam paste with grilled fish. I met a lot of expats there, where we had a lot of interesting chat about the environment, life  and we played some snooker games as well (I was undefeated tho!). I actually met a friend I knew from Kumasi there and Upon my interaction with some few guys I realised we had at least one or two mutual friends.

On the next morning, I joined a couple of guys to save some baby turtles. We guided the newly hatched baby turtles to get into the sea. My breakfast was also incredible, the semi fried egg and my coffee was on point. I had a fully relaxed day and the good thing was I had limited network coverage with no internet, so work was out of my calendar. If there is something I would be talking mostly about, it will be the food. Just before sunset I took a hike along the beach to Cape Three Point Town and the Light House. One thing about Escape 3 Point that I love is they try as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste produced so they do water refill rather than selling bottled water and their compost toilet facilities. That’s something impressive for me as an environmentalist. I stayed up late on my final night to witness sea turtles coming to the beach to lay eggs, Unfortunately we were either late or too early because they was no sign of them. Early in the morning, the only bus that leaves Cape Three point came to pick us up to Agona.

How To Get There?


  • If you have a private means of transport, Use it.
  • Minimum budget of $50 per day can provide accommodation (in Dormitory) and a 3 Square Meal
  • Just go and relax the brain, don’t take your laptop (work) with you.
  • If you are the luxury type, Escape wouldn’t be your ideal get away

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