Today we take a dive into the olden the slave trade and take a look at where most Africans don’t even talk off when we talk of Slave trade. The Globe Trotter took a trip to the south-western part of Ghana, precisely Princess Town. Princes town is a town with one of the beautiful beaches I have ever seen in Ghana. In this little town lies a fort that played its role in the transportation of African Slaves during the era of Slavery, The Fort Gross Friedrichsburg. The Fort Gross Friedrichsburg is built of stone that was transported by sea between 1681 and 1683 from Prussia and known to be the only German fort ever built-in Ghana. It is estimated that some 300,000 Africans slaves were transported through this fort.

According to Wikipidea; Princes Town or Pokesu is located 5 km east of Fort St. Antonio on Manfro Hill in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region of south Ghana. It lies between Axim to the west and Sekondi-Takoradi to the east. On 1 January 1681, a Brandenburger expedition of two ships commanded by Otto Friedrich von der Groeben, arrived in the Gold Coast, and began to build a strong fort between Axim and the Cape of Three Points. The fort was completed in 1683 and was renamed Fort Gross-Friedrichsburg in honour of Prince Frederick William I, Elector of Brandenburg. The fort was to be the headquarters of the Brandenburgers in Africa.

Because the Fort Gross Friedrichsburg was named after a Prince, it has been referred to as Ft. Friedrichsburg and the town also got the name Prince’s Town.

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My Experience

My Experience there was quite a short and simple one but nonetheless I have to share. It took me and Martin (A German Colleague), Over four – five hours to get there from Takoradi. Yes, that’s how long it took us to complete a 55km journey, because we took a public bus. But Ideally, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour thirty minutes to get there from the Takoradi Airport.

When we got there, a tour guide took us through the history of the fort but he said one thing that really struck me. According to him, in 1708, an Akan merchant, John Canoe learned that the Germans were going to sell the Fort Friedrichsburg to the Dutch. In protest, he began a resistance that managed to stave off fleets of battleships for almost 20 years. The Fort was eventually captured in 1725 by the Dutch and renamed Ft. Friedrichsburg to Ft. Hollandia. Because John Canoe was successful in retaining control of the Fort Gross Friedrichsburg, inhabitants looked upon him as a hero. In 1872, the Dutch ceded the Fort to Britain and in 1957, the fort became part of the newly independent country of Ghana. Well, that was the first time hearing of such a name, I don’t know about you tho. The guide also revealed the fort has now been turned into guest house for tourist and it still got it ancient swag. We took a look at the dungeons where slaves were being kept and also did some beach things in the town itself.

Generally, Princes town is one cool get away location for a low-budget traveler. If you are a fan of the fancy and expensive this fort will definitely disappoint you. But if you want to have a feeling of how things were in the 17th century, then you should try to spend a night there. You can also try the adventurous guided hike in the jungle to Cape 3 Point.

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This Should Get You There!


  • Do not take public transport (Unless maybe you want to wait for over two hours for the bus to fill up)
  • Get your hiking boots
  • Get your swim suite ready
  • Ask tour guide or community members of safe spot to swim
  • Don’t go on the Jungle Hike Alone.
  • A private car round trip to Princes town for a day should cost you $300 (Minus Accommodation – $15)


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