It is quite unusual for a Ghanaian to go out on a hot afternoon to the market just to walk through it and come back home without buying anything. We usually prefer to do the window shopping at the Mall. Well, I took the liberty to take a walk through out the market with my colleagues, Kwadwo and Chris just to share with you how it feels and look.

Kumasi Central Market is located right in the Central Business district of Kumasi between Adum and Kejetia Station. It is the biggest open air market in West Africa with over five thousand traders daily, you can find ‘anything’ in this market for very reasonable price. It Covers more than a square kilometer. The market is a joyfully noisy, colourful, crowded and sometimes smelly slice of adventure any visitor to Kumasi must experience. One interesting thing about this market is the fact that it has sections for everything; clothing, produce, hardware, meat, sundry and everything in between.

I have been going to Kumasi central market for quite a while now but mostly I go to get things I specifically need and just return. I walked through the entire market this time around with Chris, who wanted to also see the market before he returns to the US and Kwadwo who knows the market really well. The market was ferociously crowded with some very narrow pathways between long lines of stalls. It seemed to be divided up into parts, cloth, food, fruit, meat, fish, clothes, kitchen, etc. I partitioned the main market in to 3 to make identification easier. The right-wing, central wing and left-wing (position: On the Asafo – kejetia street facing the main entrance to the central market)

The right is basically filled with food stuffs, plastic containers, printed fabrics and dress makers whiles the end of the right-wing has varieties dried/salted fish and meat. The central wing is also filled with beauty products, jewellery, all sorts of kitchen wares, woven Kente materials. The southern part of the central wing also had quite a lot of laundry materials and consumable household provisions. The left-wing is mostly filled with all sorts of second-hand clothes and foot wears. The vendors were for the most part very friendly. In general, we used about two hours to walk through the entire market. Chris bought some Kente souvenirs and some other clothes made from African fabric for his family back home. He also had a little insight on Kwadwo’s bargaining skills as well.  Aside these partitions the market is mostly dominated by food stuffs which can be found in almost every corner of the market.


If you are for just going to the market for art craft then I will suggest you go to the ministries area in Adum rather (Just Opposite the Vodafone office), which is about 15 minutes’ walk from the market. Don’t go if you are l claustrophobic. Not for you at all. Don’t forget to carry your water bottle, because it can really get hot and you need to be hydrated. If you don’t have an issue with drinking from a sachet, then don’t worry. You can easily get one for just GHC 0.20.  Just shout ‘Pure’ and you will see a vendor moving to you like magic (Not magic, they are just everywhere in Kumasi Central Market 🙂 ).


You don’t need any budget for this. A taxi fare from wherever you are in Kumasi should be enough. From the VIP station, it’s just a 10-minute walk.



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