When it comes to wildlife, Africa is recognised as one of the best destinations. There are a lot of Safari Parks in Africa. I found myself in one of such beautiful parks; Mole National Park. Mole National Park; which is widely known for it’s elephants, covers an estimated 4,577 square kilometers in west Gonja district of northern Ghana. The park serves as a home to over 600 elephants, 2000 roam antelopes, 4000 waterbucks and other uncounted wild animals like lions, leopards, hyenas, etc.

The Park has several small water streams and rivers that comes from the white volta.  The Lovi and Mole rivers flow through the park, leaving behind only drinking holes during the long dry season. The Mole area receives over 1000mm rainfall per year. In 1958, the park’s lands were initially set aside as a wildlife refuge. The small human population of the area was relocated in 1971, and the lands were designated a national park. In recent days, honey made from flowers in the Mole forest has become the region’s first fair-trade commodity. Nearby villagers harvest the honey using traditional methods; They have partnered with an American company to sell the honey as a health and wellness supplement in the United State.

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The Experience

I actually did not plan on going to Mole but rather I was in Larabanga for work (water quality evaluation) with my colleague. I decided to go there when my host told me it was just 5km away from where I was lodging. I and my colleague got some bicycles which we rode on the lonely road to Mole national park.  At the headquarters we registered and chose to go for the walking Safari. We didn’t have much time so we couldn’t do the jeep safari. On our way, I spotted a couple of snakes, antelopes, baboons and some elephants. After about two and half hour walk in the park with our tour guide, we returned to our lodge.


If you want to see the wild animals deep in the jungle, you can join the jeep safari or arrange for an armed ranger to join you in your own 4WD, but you’re not allowed to explore the park unaccompanied.

If you are tired of seeing elephants, you can checkout Mognori Eco Village, on the borders of the park; where they offer canoe safaris, village tours and the chance to learn about local culture.

There are accommodation facilities available such as Zaina Lodge or The Mole Motel.

  • BUDGET: As low as 250 dollars can get you from Accra to Mole and back to Accra with public transport (Excluding Hotel and Food) and an extra100 USD (for accommodation and food)
  • Make sure to pack hiking boots, slippers, First aid and water bottle.
  • Always speak to locals or the tour guide if you want to do anything (Just to be sure it is not prohibited)
  • Have FUN and stay safe


You can get to mole through public transport from Tamale to Damongo and from Damongo to Larabanga.



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