Well!!! I have not been so much into to monkeys but I find them to be very fascinating creatures. Anytime I take a look at how they behave I become excited for no particular reason; maybe it is because they act as human in a funny way. I actually went to Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary before visiting Wli.

According to the local guides, the mona monkeys were once considered sacred. As residents converted to Christianity, the taboos on killing monkeys began to be ignored, leading to declining numbers. The monkey sanctuary was set up to protect the forest and its inhabitants, the mona monkeys. The monkeys, revered by the villagers, are habituated and readily come to feed off the hand of visitors. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon, they can be seen roaming the village.

The Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary is one of the most well run ecotourism projects in Ghana. A guesthouse is available onsite, and breakfast and dinner are provided to those staying the night. Excellent guided tours of the forest are also included, beginning with a morning visit to see the monkeys.


Well, I couldn’t spend much time at Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary but just to say; I had a great time with the most friendly monkeys ever (Only If you have a banana for them). I arrived in Tafi Atome village quite early in the morning and took a stroll through the village. I was hoping to see the monkeys on the streets; but apparently I wasn’t early enough.

Quickly, I visited the information centre to start my tour. The tour guide advised I get banana, if I wanted a monkey friend which I did. We took a walk into the monkey sanctuary forest; After about 10 minutes walk we stopped to feed monkeys. I had one monkey come close to finish the banana in my hand and I had a good laugh about that. That was fortunately caught on the video below.

Yeah!! I had a couple of friendly monkeys around me until I had no banana; that’s when I realised how sad it will be to be in the mona monkey world without a banana.


  • If you want to have monkeys around you, budget for banana. Very Important!!
  • You can do both Monkey Sanctuary and the Waterfall in one day
  • BUDGET: About $100 from Accra (without Accomodation) and $150 (with Accomodation)
  • Always speak to locals or the tour guide if you want to do anything (Just to be sure it is not prohibited)
  • Have FUN and stay safe

How to get to Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary? follow the map