Waterfalls are so beautiful and I always imagine how they were created. The most interesting thing about waterfalls to me is how the water keeps trashing my back when I go directly under it. Though painful I seem to find a pleasing sensation anytime I find myself there. One of the waterfalls I enjoy all over Africa is the Wli waterfall.

Wli is the highest waterfall in Ghana and the second highest in Africa. Situated in the evergreen Agumatsa wildlife sanctuary just 20km from Hohoe township in the Volta region of Ghana. Wli waterfall stands at a staggering 80 meters high, with two compartment; the upper level (which can only be seen from afar as you approach the Wli township) and the lower level. The upper level has a different route to the lower level and before you get there, you would have to do a mountain hike for 90-120 minutes.

Sorry but I didn’t have enough energy in me to do that after the lower level, but hey you can take up the challenge and share your pictures with me. I was told the locals call it the ‘Agumatsa’ waterfall which translates to ‘Allow me to Fall’; I guess that’s why it was allowed to fall hard on me. My time in Wli waterfall was well spent and I enjoyed every single second there.

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The Experience

My tour started with a 20-minute walk in the rainforest, where I felt like I was on a secret mission to retrieve the golden ‘Egg of Life’ to save my village from a calamity (hahahahaa!! Hold your brakes, now that’s not real, it’s just me starring in a Ghallywood adventure movie in my mind). The path leading to the amazing Wli waterfall is a narrow path which allows a maximum of two people walking side by side. Few minutes into the hike, I spotted a wooden foot bridge over the Agumatsa river. You will pass by nine of these foot bridges before getting to the waterfall.

Another fascinating thing I noticed was the bats hanging on trees and also the nice humming sounds from the birds which combines with the sound from the waterfall to give a melodious tune. When I got to the water fall, I met other tourist from all parts of the world. I also saw my ‘rastafarian’ brothers doing their own thing at one corner. I also noticed a barricade made to warn swimmers not to venture into some areas of the fall, specifically the far left end. I would have loved to go there and find out what was there; just to tell you guys but I love my life more than anything in this world so I didn’t.

I couldn’t hold my urge to jump into it and I didn’t hold it; I dived straight into to it and headed straight under where the water falls the strongest. And like I wrote earlier, I got whooped by the falling water so hard and it was also quite loud there so you would probably not hear a thing. That’s just about my experience in Wli waterfall.


If you have plans to visit the Wli waterfall, then I would suggest you take some of these recommendations I am giving below as a guide for your trip

  • BUDGET: As low 120 dollars can get you from Accra to Wli (Including Hotel and Food) and 80 USD (without accommodation)
  • Make sure to pack hiking boots, swim suit, Slippers, First aid, towel and water bottle.
  • Always speak to locals or the tour guide if you want to do anything (Just to be sure it is not prohibited)
  • Have FUN and stay safe




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